Java Developer - Web Application

Project Location(s): Alexandria, Virginia
Education: Master’s Degree

Primary Duties/Responsibilities:

• Web developer mindset
• Must have independently developed or the main contributor for one or more web or mobile applications with the recent Java technology stack, open source JavaScript libraries and bootstrap style setting.
• Experience in Java web application development using Spring framework, Sprint boot.
• Experience in website design and development using HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript libraries such as JQuery, Angular JS, D3, etc.
• Solid understanding of Object and relational database mapping using Spring, Hibernate, or other framework.
• Solid understanding of the java project build process, continuous development and continuous delivery architecture
• Experience in development of Ajax, REST web service
• Spatial rendering development experience, and geocode experience is a plus
• Familiar with GIT, Gradle build, Jenkins pipeline process
• Familiar with Java web container administration such as Tomcat, or Weblogic application server, system architecture experience is a plus.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Master’s Degree 4-yr is fine…. with relevant work experience
• Experience with Agile/SCRUM ideal


Keywords: Angular js
Cesium globe (a strong plus)
Google maps (a strong plus)


This position can have either visualization specialist type background for intermediate level positions or Data interface (spring/hibernate/etc).